Ep. 13: Birth of a Great Nation and Embracing Liberty: The Declaration of Independence (Part 3 of 3)

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Ep. 13: Birth of a Great Nation and Embracing Liberty: The Declaration of Independence (Part 3 of 3)
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Show Notes

In this episode we continue in our discussion of the Declaration of Independence. Matt and Jason bring the last of the grievances to life and compare to the tyranny that exists today.

  • Declaration of Independence
  • Administration of Justice Act: 14 Geo. III c.39. This citation refers to the 14th year of the reign of King George III in Chapter 39 of that volume.
  • Boston Port Act: 14 Geo. III c.19
  • The Stamp Act of 1765: 5 Geo. III c.12
  • The Sugar Act of 1764: 4 Geo. II c.15
  • Continental Congress, October 14th, 1774: “Resolved, That the seizing, or attempting to seize, any person in America, in order to transport such person beyond the sea, for trial of offenses, committed within the body of a county in America, being against law, will justify, and ought to meet with resistance and reprisal.”
  • The Quebec Act: 14 Geo. III c.83
  • Massachusetts Government Act: 14 Geo. III c.45
  • Declaratory Act of 1765 (Repeal of the Stamp act): 6 Geo. III c.12
  • “[King George III] has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.” — Declaration of Independence, paragraph 25. (Emphasis Added) – Declaration of Independence, Paragraph 24.
  • “…all manner of [the American colonies’] trade and commerce is and shall be prohibited…” and that any ships found trading “…shall become forfeited to his Majesty, as if the same were the ships and effects of open enemies…” – American Prohibitory Act of 1775. 16 Geo. III, Chapter 5
  • “It throws thirteen Colonies out of the Royal protection, levels all distinctions, and makes us independent in spite of our supplications and entreaties… It may be fortunate that the act of independency should come from the British Parliament rather than the American Congress.” — John Adams letter to General Horatio Gates. March 23, 1776. (Emphasis added.)
  • “That the question was not whether, by a Declaration of Independence, we should make ourselves what we are not; but whether we declare a fact which already exists,” and “That as to the king, we had been bound to him by allegiance, but that this bond was now dissolved by his assent to the late Act of Parliament by which he declares us out of his protection.” — Thomas Jefferson. Notes of Proceedings in the Continental Congress. June 7, 1776. (Emphases added)
  • Navigation Acts: CORRECTION: Jason mistakenly said the Navigation Act was declared in 1764. This is incorrect. The Acts were passed between 1660-1760. It was in 1764 when the enforcement was increased that caused the colonists to begin their protests.

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